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Introducing TRIVIO Voice, the Latest in iPhone Gaming Innovation

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TRIVIO Voice is the first iPhone trivia game where you say the answer out loud! It uses cutting-edge voice recognition technology to create an exciting interactive trivia experience. TRIVIO Voice asks you a series of questions, and you earn points for each correct answer. TRIVIO Voice features questions from multiple categories including Geography, Entertainment, Science, and many others. TRIVIO Voice is coming to the App Store the week of October 25th, 2010. Look for it!

Test your knowledge of trivial things! With TRIVIO Voice, you can challenge yourself with hours of compelling trivia questions on a variety of topics. TRIVIO Voice has thousands of questions just waiting for your answer and more are available for download. Questions are grouped in categories - General Knowledge, Geography, History, Literature, Math & Science, Entertainment and Sports. You can select your questions by category or show the true breadth of your knowledge by playing random categories. In TRIVIO Voice, points are scored for each correct response based on how quickly you answer. The questions range in difficulty from Easy to Killer - the harder the question, the more points you earn.

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