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Reach For The Top

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About Flurple2

The Mad Scientist Behind TRIVIOAt Flurple2, creating artificial intelligence is our ambition. Celebrating our 20th Anniversary in 2010, Flurple2 excels at using "sensory robotics" to create unique and compelling games and apps for Apple®, Google® and RIM® devices.

Powered by Sensory, Inc.

Read more...Flurple2 is pleased to announce that TRIVIO™ is powered by Sensory® robotics, the leader in speech technologies for consumer products. Sensory's mission is to improve the way humans interact with consumer products by designing highly accurate, low-cost, low-current, small-footprint speech technologies that feature voice recognition and synthesis, biometric passwords, MIDI-like music synthesis, text-to-speech, and interactive robotic controls.

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Trivio Gets Noticed at Cooliphoneipadapps.com

Don't you think it's wonderful when you can sit with the family after dinner and play a game together? The warmth and bonding are immeasurable, and forms a nice family tradition. If you don't have family nearby, spending a game evening with friends is an alternative. One of the most amusing and enjoyable methods of group games for this purpose is a trivia oriented one. Trivio fits the bill perfectly as it poses questions from many different categories to which you may answer by speaking your reply! But you can certainly enjoy this game by yourself, testing your own wits with these dynamic questions...

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Thank you for visiting the home of Flurple2 Software. At Flurple2, we specialize in artificial intelligence and robotic solutions.

Reach For The Top™ is our latest creation: a voice-activated, Bluetooth®-enabled, multi-player trivia game for popular mobile devices, such as the Apple® iPad™, the iPod touch® and the iPhone®.  Reach For The Top is now available on the App Store!

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